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This Flower is BURNING Off Our Shelves! Meet THC-A!

As the cannabis industry continues to expand with new products and compounds becoming available to the public, Lighthouse CBD & Wellness is adapting to this market. We are proud to introduce the best and (quite literally) the hottest product on the market – THC-A.

THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) has been identified in the cannabis plant and is the most potent and prominent compound in the plant itself. By itself, however, it does not deliver any psychoactive or bodily benefits. So… how does it work? Well, it turns into THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) through decarboxylation. Two key activities take place during decarboxylation: time and heat. Allowing the cannabis plant to mature over time brings more potency to the flower. Setting fire to the THC-A flower transforms the flower into actual THC, which delivers a psychoactive effect and benefits your body.

Using our THC-A products delivers a strong psychoactive effect, in addition to helping benefit your body. THC acts as an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer, aiding sleep and anxiety relief.

This product is completely legal for companies to sell. Per the 2018 FARM Bill, any THC product containing <.3% of hemp-derived THC is legal to sell in most states. With that being said, the THC-A flower is grown and cut before ever reaching that .3% threshold. Only when it is burned, does it become potent THC.

THC-A flower and vapors are NOW AVAILABLE (while supplies last) at Lighthouse CBD & Wellness and its sister locations (in Hilton Head & Beaufort), and ONLINE! We will ship nationwide to reach all customers and support their needs. Check out our shop now!

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